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Master of Italian Cuisine, 3 Months Full Immersion with 10 Master Chefs covering all areas of Italian Regional and Mediterranean Haute Cuisine, Patissier, Baking, Artisan Gelato, Sommelier, Curing, Gastronomic Travel throughout Italy and much more!



Master of Italian Cuisine
3 months full immersion
The Evolution of Italian Cuisine
2 weeks full immersion
Tradition & Evolution
1 week full immersion + 1 week culinary travel in North Italy
Italian Culinary Exploration
1 week full immersion
Italian Wines & Haute Cuisine
1 week full immersion
Pastry, Desserts & Specialty Breads
1 week full immersion
Artisan Gelato: Technique & Production
1 week full immersion
Advanced Mediterranean Cuisine
1 week full immersion + gastronomic travel to Sicily
IKA Culinary Olympics
5 days all inclusive attendance

The Foundation of Italian Haute Cuisine
1 week full immersion

Advanced Cuisine, Baking, Patissier & Gelato in Dubai
1 week full immersion
+ gastronomic travel presented in Dubai, UAE


Superior Accommodations

All programs are inclusive of hotel, all meals & wines, market visits & much more!

All Star Instructors
Meet Italy's top culinary professionals

Culture, cuisine, art, nightlife & more!

Work with Europe's latest culinary equipment
in a real world setting

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Mediterranean cuisine, buffet, vegetarian, pasta, baking, hearth breads, desserts and more from the Institute's and Italy's top culinary professionals.

Restaurant, Hotel, Industry
Food, Pastry , Bakery, Gelato, Trade Shows

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Our masters travel to every continent presenting haute Italian dinners, events, demos and expert seminars on Italian and International Cuisine for restaurants, resorts, hotels, cruise ships, gourmet shops and
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Do you require professional training for your staff or menu development for authentic Italian and Mediterranean Cuisine?
Whether you already have a successful restaurant, need to update or are considering a rollout, ICI can assist in full immersion staff training or to perfect your menu or concept. E mail us here.

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Nicola Stratoti
Artistic Baking Master
Perfection is achieved when we apply our talents without respite. Nicola Stratoti has won every competition he's ever entered thanks to his skill as a master and, most importantly, his love and dedication to his work...
Il Maestro Nicola now shares his art during programs at ICI!
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Il Maestro Nicola Stratoti and some of his works...
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This masterpiece depicting 'Il Vino' during Roman times, is made completely from bread and won best overall piece at the European Culinary Salon 2005.
This masterpiece depicting 'Il Vino' during Roman times, is made completely from bread and won best overall piece at the European Culinary Salon 2005.
  • Executive Chef, Il Bivio, Calabria, Italy
  • Member of the International Culinary Jury for Decorative Baking and Pizza
  • Cookbook author
  • Present Board Member, Italian Federation of Chefs
  • Instructor at the Italian Institute for Advanced Culinary and Pastry Arts, Italy
  • Instructor at I.P.S.S.A.R., Cosenza & Rome, Italy
  • Instructor at SPCI, Montreal, Canada
  • Demonstration Chef for the Italian Pizza Masters Society
  • TV show: La Via del Gusto
  • Food writer for trade magazines
  • Consultant for food styling and decoration for special event


Chef Nicola with alumni
Il Maestro
TOP: Chef Nicola with international participants at ICI. BOTTOM: Il Maestro and his work.


  • 1 Gold, 1 Silver, Best Overall Exhibition Piece, SIGEP, Rimini, Italy, 2006
  • 1 Gold, 2 Silver, International Culinary Salon, Salzburg, Austria, 2005
  • 2 Gold, Best Overall Exhibition Piece, SIGEP, Rimini, Italy, 2005
  • 1 Gold, 1 Silver, Best Overall Exhibition Piece, International Culinary Salon, Rome, Italy, 2004
  • Maestro di Cucina, Italian Federation of Chefs, 2004
  • Chef of the Year, Italian Federation of Chefs, 2003
  • Chef of the Year, Calabrian Federation of Chefs, 2002
  • Other medals in national and world competitions include the Italian National Championships, Campidoglio Championships, Roma, World Culinary Salon,, Basil, Switzerland, Salon Culinaire Mondial, etc. 1990-2006...

Award Winning  Dish: Roman gnocchi with arugula pesto and longostines.
Front and center! Nicola Stratoti wins gold and best piece overall in Rimini.
Artistic baking is the latest form of food art among European and Asian culinary professionals. Although the art form can be traced back five thousand years, it has since been reserved for royalty and those few that could afford the cost of an artisan baker. Now, thanks to new techniques, artistic baking has made its way to the culinary art spotlight.
ICI's Fabio Momolo in his role as judge examines Nicola's work.
ICI's Fabio Momolo in his role as judge examines Nicola's work.

Nicola Stratoti has developed techniques that enable his students to reproduce, improvise and create 'bread art' after just two days of full immersion instruction. "I'm not an artist or even a baker...I am a chef", says Nicola, "this art form is based on simple techniques. Even so, the possibilities are as endless as your imagination."

"Chef Nicola's art is based on the real world", says ICI director John Nocita, "he understands how busy chefs are, the daily routine of a busy kitchen and, most importantly, the equipment limitations that most must deal with. This technique is unique not only for its spectacular results but for its simplicity. Particularly attractive is the fact that these pieces last up to a year and so can be used over and over again. Fruit and vegetable art, while beautiful, is very labor intensive and last just days by comparison..."

Assembling a bread potrait.
Assembling a bread portrait.

Even as chef Nicola continues to win international accolades from culinary judges and his clientele, he understands that yesterdays innovation is tomorrow's mediocrity. It's for this reason that technique and workmanship are constantly updated to keep him, and his students, two steps ahead of the competition...

Along with being a Maestro Scultore, Nicola Stratoti is an executive chef and Maestro Pizzaiolo (Master Pizza Maker). His artistic baking works are exported throughout the region where they are used to embellish both food and nonfood events. He also contributes several hours every week to work in children's hospitals in the region where he feels that his art makes more difference than anywhere else...

PorciniNicola Stratoti is now part of the following programs at ICI for the 2006 - 2008 sessions:
~Master of Italian Cuisine
~The Evolution of Italian Cuisine
Italian Culinary Exploration
~Pastry, Desserts & Specialty Breads
~Advanced Mediterranean Cuisine

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Click here for more about Andrea VoltolinaAndrea Voltolina
Current World Champion Master Chef Patissier and m
ember of the Italian National Team combines advanced baking techniques & chocolate & sugar art with Mediterranean Cuisine during two intensive days exclusively during the 2010 and 2011 programs!
Maestro di Cucina ItalianaMaster of Italian Cuisine
3 months and 300+ hours of Italian Haute Cuisine & Wines. ICI's most comprehensive master's program is the only course in Italy that is all-inclusive of course fees, accommodations, meals, cultural travel and much more in one price. Instructed by i Maestri (the masters), this dynamic program includes certification for cuisine, patissier and sommelier. Click above to choose which location you prefer!

Details about this event coming soonIce Carving Classic
Chicago, ILL, USA
MAY, 2011
Sponsored by ICI, Italy's top Ice Artists compete in this world class competition. Ice carvings are an exclusive part of the finest buffets at the most elegant hotels and private parties in haute dining. Watch and see these masters turn water into art.

Explore the most ancient wines and cusine in the world. Details coming soon6th Annual Celebration of the Mediterranean Cuisine of Great Greece
Calabria, Italy
JULY 21-25, 2009
Italy's 's stylish Naussica Resort on the Ionian Sea is the consummate setting for the annual week-long celebration of 3000 years of southern Italian food and wine. Lectures and demos by ICI Masters and three gala dinners highlight the unique culinary and cultural event.

Advanced Cuisine, Baking & Patissier in Dubai, UAE with the ICI Masters Haute Italian Cuisine in Dubai
Dubai, UAE
Dates to be announced
Join ICI master chefs beginning in 2011 for one week in the city of lights and work together with them during five days of full immersion haute Italian cuisine, patissier, gelato and baking!
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Click here for a detailed look at White Truffle Event, a Divine Indulgence & More... Annual White Truffle Week
Naples, Florida, USA
November 2011
Accredited culinary courses by day and fine dining by night featuring master chefs from Italy and the USA preparing the world's most elusive gourmet treasures. Presented in the grandest style in Naples, Florida, USA.
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Click here for a virtual tour ...Click here for a detailed look at at our programs. This link includes photos of the courses, market visits, night life and a panorama of the exciting culinary and cultural experience.

Click here for a look at  this world class culinary event! Culinary World Cup EXPOGAST
The Italian Culinary Team steals the show at one of the most prestigious culinary competitions in Europe. See how our ICI master won against the elite of chefs and pastry chefs from thirty three countries and became the reigning world champion until we takes the prize again this year!
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Click here for a closer look at Artistic Baking!
Click here for a closer look at Artistic Baking!
























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