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Master of Italian Cuisine, 3 Months Full Immersion with 10 Culinary Masters covering all areas of Italian Regional and Mediterranean Haute Cuisine, Patissier, Baking, Artisan Gelato, Sommelier, Curing, Gastronomic Travel throughout Italy and much more!
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All Star Team...
Following the tradition of European advanced culinary training, all of your instructors are chefs active in the field. Chefs at the Institute are chosen based not only on their long list of awards but, most importantly, on their present status as Italy's & Europe's most innovative masters.

Click here for more about Leonardo Di CarloLeonardo Di Carlo - Master Pâtissier, Master Baker, Maestro Gelatician

Leonardo Di Carlo, third generation pâtissier and baker, worked in his family's shops from an early age. After finishing school, he traveled, doing apprenticeships throughout Europe. At twenty years old he won the Italian Pastry Championship.

Leo eventually went on to win many prestigious world class competitions including gold at the IKA Culinary Olympics in Berlin, Gold and Silver at the Culinary World Cup in Basil, Switzerland and World Champion at the Coupe du Monde in Lyon, France.

He is a leading consultant for many food companies including Vahlrona Chocolate and a food writer but dedicates as much time as possible instructing courses at Europe's most important culinary academies. He is constantly in search of the latest techniques, flavors and textures making Leo one of our most valuable assets. His instructing style is geared toward the most advanced processional and is fast paced as Leo understands that today's innovations are tomorrow's history...


Luigi 'Gigi' Ferraro - Master Chef

His recipe is simple: In Italy he combined work experiences in Tuscany, Lazio (Rome), Basilicata, Campania (Naples and the Amalfi Coast), Sardinia, Lombardia, Calabria and more... Then he added Sharm el Sheik, Stockholm, Bangkok, London, New York and Moscow... This is the recipe of knowledge and practical expertise...the recipe of success. This is chef Luigi Ferraro.

For the past twenty years, chef Luigi, has worked at over twenty restaurants around the globe. His roots are unmistakably Italian. But through the years he has learned that his style of Italian regional cuisine would undergo a constant revision, an evolution and, in some cases, a revolution!

As most of us already believe, chef Luigi agrees that it was 'Nonna' who continually prepared the best of Italy. The demands of international high end dining made it necessary for chef Luigi to integrate the simplicity of Nonna's cooking with the highest quality of Haute dining. As a result, chef Luigi has pushed authentic Italian regional flavors to the limits with plate presentations that have never been seen and, most importantly, tasted before...

“Everyone of our senses should be touched in every plate we enjoy”, says the chef, “our limits are as endless as our imagination”. His humble words leave out the fact that each dish chef Gigi prepares encompasses an array of techniques that require strict attention to detail and execution. This, naturally, is the reason why chef Luigi will be instructing advanced programs exclusively for ICI beginning with 2014's session of Master of Italian Cuisine!!!

Check back soon for Chef Luigi's gran pictorial!!!

Umberto Lupica - Maestro Gelatician

As the owner of five retail gelato shops and a wholesale production facility, Umberto Lupica has a unique understanding of the commercial world of gelato unparalleled even in Italy. As a consultant to both large firms and small artisan shops, his specialty is reviving companies worn from fierce competition in a heavily saturated marketplace. A waiting list for his clientele is affirmation to his success.

Umberto's business savvy is only exceeded by his talent in the laboratory. Here, accolades not only include a series of awards in national and European competitions but membership in the Italian Gelato Academy, an exclusive association of Italy's top masters with a maximum of only one hundred associates at any given time.

Umberto possesses a rare gelato 'culture' combining technology, chemistry and cuisine in his products. A disciple of gelato legend 'Maestro Angelo Grasso, Umberto incorporates the natural accents of old style gelato with the new tastes of modern society. Flavor development is based on chemical principles rather than standard recipes enabling the development of any type of gelato his audience requires.

Umberto's laboratory designs are featured in gastronomic journals throughout Europe. He hosts a national television show and has recently been nominated in the Confrerie de la Chaine des Rotisseurs as one of only three gelaticians in Italy.

Mark McDonald - Executive Chef, Sommelier

Mark McDonald is an internationally recognized chef, restaurant owner, and restaurant consultant. Chef Mark’s passion for introducing unique foods and wines to customers and clients is built on collaborations with winemakers, sommeliers, and culinary professionals from around the world. In recent years he has taught master courses and given presentations at gastronomy events and festivals throughout Europe, the Middle East, Latin America, Scandinavia and North America.

In 2007 Chef Mark opened his award-winning restaurant, Old Vine Cafe, in Costa Mesa, CA, USA. His menu offerings reflect a commitment to regionalism and the use of local seasonal ingredients, a hallmark of Chef Mark’s culinary training under Master Chef John Nocita at the Italian Culinary Institute in Calabria, Italy (ICI). Chef Mark now partners with the Italian Culinary Institute to lead the annual Splendors of South and North Italy tours, culinary-driven trips through Calabria and Sicily that treats travelers to hands-on cooking lessons from master chefs, winery and agriturismo visits, and multi-course meals of regional cuisine. Chef Mark alos instructs advanced sommelier and cuisine courses at ICI.

Chef Mark also supports his local culinary community. He can be found teaching cooking classes to both young “aspiring chefs” at local elementary schools, and adult students pursing professional culinary education.

Fabio Momolo - Master Chef, Master Pâtissier, Ice Sculptor

Fabio Momolo has been a captain of the Italian National Culinary Team for the past eight years. He was just elected to another four year term following an unprecedented sweep for the Italians at the European Culinary Championship with 8 gold medals, 3 special prizes and best overall team.

This tremendous accomplishment follows a tradition for Fabio. He has been a member of the national team since its inception twenty years ago: unequaled in Italy. The reason is clear. Fabio continues to be the most avant-garde culinary master in the country.

His annual itinerary has Fabio traveling to six continents, both to compete in international culinary competitions and to present advanced training in Italian and Mediterranean culinary and pastry arts. It is during these travels that Fabio encounters the works by the most renown chefs in the world giving him the ability to constantly be in touch with strengths and areas where modernizing is needed. Fabio understands that updating techniques is an indispensable part of the industry as is the necessity to embrace the latest trends while respecting tradition.

Therefore, his style of cuisine merges traditional Italian and Mediterranean cuisine with the modern demands of the food service industry based on the availability of the best raw ingredients in any given territory.

Fabio is executive chef at Italy's famous Hotel Splendido in Padua. He is a cookbook author, TV host, international culinary judge and is actively involved with several charitable industry organizations.

John Nocita - ICI President, Master Chef, Sommelier, Gelatician, Maestro Olearo

John is among Europe's leading consultants for menu development, new dining concepts and is a certification specialist for the European Community's Product Authenticity Program. He is an award winning chef, a member of the Italian Olive Oil Masters and a sommelier. John founded the Italian Institute for Advanced Culinary and Pastry Arts to constantly update cooking techniques and menu development for chefs and pâtissier in the world's increasingly competitive environment.

His memberships include the Italian Master Chefs Society, Italian Culinary Federation and Confrerie de la Chaine des Rotisseurs. In 2001, John was awarded for Outstanding Contributions to Promote Fine Dining from the Distinguished Restaurants of North America whom Wine Spectator describes as "the authority on fine dining". John is on the board of several associations and is a founding director of Italy's equivalent to Meals on Wheels. He contributes articles to over 30 trade magazines and newspapers internationally.

In addition to being a culinarian, John is CEO of InterComm GROUP and PromoMed S.r.l. both located in Calabria, Italy, and which focus on several sectors within F&B including tourism, market development for Italian companies and government agencies, real estate development and publishing. InterComm's publishing division produces internationally distributed gastronomic texts and journals worldwide.

Luigi Quintieri - Master Chef, Pâtissier, Maestro Scultore

As trainer and recipe coordinator for several of Italy's culinary teams, Luigi is a born instructor. As an ambassador of Italian cuisine, his experience extends internationally. His consulting earned him credit for introducing classic and innovative Italian cuisine on London's fine dining scene.

Although fortes include preparation of second dishes especially seafood, Luigi is an experimenter. He's developed thousands of new recipes using unique ingredient swapping principles in his production of dishes throughout the menu combining traditional ingredients in untraditional ways.

Luigi's expertise in food and menu development combines with his delightful personality has positioned him as on of Italy's most popular demonstration chefs. His keen interest in raw materials and plate construction continues to earn him a position as trainer for Italy's top masters. In addition to training and presentation, he regularly competes in international competitions and is a multiple medal winner for cuisine, pastry and butter sculpturing. Chef Luigi owns a restaurant in Soverato, Italy, published his first cookbook in 2010 and is an international consultant for new recipe development.
Nic Sawa - Executive Baker, Executive Chef

A true journeyman of gastronomy, Chef Nic began working at an early age on the line of numerous restaurants spanning all categories of cuisine including quick service, steakhouse, gastro pub and fine dining. Upon completion of ICI's Master of Italian Cuisine, he began studying with top chefs throughout Italy to perfect his repertoire. As a result, chef Nic adheres to genuineness throughout his execution of Italian regional cuisine.

His specialties are numerous and cover the entire spectrum of egg based and dry pasta, all matched with the most appropriate delicacies utilizing meat, fish, game and vegetarian. Chef Nic's cooking skills are perfectly complimented by his baking expertise where he continues to develop a unique array of assemblies of specialty breads and focaccia.

Chef Nic's approach to baking goes far beyond standard methods. Rather than following recipes, he follows science, enabling him to create delicacies with the textures, colors and, most importantly, flavors of his choice.

Nicola StratotiNicola Stratoti - Master Baker, Maestro Scultore, Executive Chef

Pane Artistico, or Artistic Baking, is the newest form of decorative food styling on the international culinary scene and is already a main competition attraction at the world's top events including Bocuse d'Or, SIAB, Rimini and the IKA International Culinary Olympics. To date, Chef Nicola has won a gold medal in all nine events that he's competed!

Chef Nicola creates fragile masterpieces for spectacular plate presentations and continues to earn praise both from culinary judges and from his vast clientele. These showpieces are not only a showstopper among the professional competition circuit but are a success among chefs and caterers who are able to use large pieces for months effectively replacing fruit and vegetable art which last only days.

Nicola instructs advanced courses at ICI as well as several other culinary academies in Italy and Europe. Emphasizing that he is a chef not a sculptor or even a baker, Nicola not only transmits this intricate technique to other professionals but shows how it is done in a conventional kitchen. Chef Nicola has been nominated to represent Team Italy for artistic bread making in the 2008 IKA Culinary Olympics.

Click here for more on AlessandroAlessandro Urilli - Master Pâtissier, Master Chocolatier

A true disciple of art, after one year of English language school, Alessandro attended the Westminster University of Art (London) until 1986. Then he studied at the Bath Academy of Arts until 1988. From 1992 to 1996, he attended the Thames Valley University where he followed his calling to pastry arts and earned degrees in pastry science and sommelier.

Alex's return to the Italian patisserie scene moved him to the international spotlight. He was head pastry chef at Milan's Peck, the "temple of gastronomy" and Rome's most famous pastry shop, Mondo. In 2000, he was made a member of Accademia Maestri Pasticcere Italiani, Italy's exclusive master pâtissier association and in the same year he became one of the only members of Relais Desserts in Italy.

Alex regularly competes in world class culinary competitions and has earned numerous medals and titles including 1st Place/ Best Pâtissier at the International Pastry & Baking Salon (SIAB) in Verona, Italy in 2001.

Besides private consulting for numerous clients including Callebaut Chocolate where he creates innovative desserts and spectacular decorations in chocolate, sugar work and pastillage, Alex regularly contributes articles to several pastry magazines internationally including Italy's largest, "Pasticceria Internazionale".

Alex is constantly traveling to four continents and always in touch with latest trends and, most importantly, would be trends... He is a consummate instructor and is as entertaining as he is talented. Alex speaks Italian, English and French.


In addition to permanent chefs for English speaking courses, several of the world's foremost chefs instruct at the school on a rotating basis, traditional to European higher culinary education. These chefs are chosen for various specialties that he or she is considered the top in the field.
Italian Culinary Exploration, Professional Culinary and Baking Program, 1 WEEK FULL IMMERSION & ALL INCLUSIVE, Italian Culinary Institutes, The Italian Institute for Advanced Culinary and Pastry Arts, Cooking Schools, Cookery Schools, Professional Italian Cuisine, CAST Alimenti, Calabria, Italy, Brescia, Italy, Venice, Italy, Badolato, Italy, Soverato, Italy, Italian Haute Cuisine, World Class Culinary Competitions, Culinary World Cup, Pastry World Cup, Coupe du Monde, John Nocita, Gualtiero Marchesi, Iginio Massari, Pierre Herme

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Italian Culinary Exploration, Professional Culinary and Baking Program, 1 WEEK FULL IMMERSION & ALL INCLUSIVE, Italian Culinary Institutes, The Italian Institute for Advanced Culinary and Pastry Arts, Cooking Schools, Cookery Schools, Professional Italian Cuisine, CAST Alimenti, Calabria, Italy, Brescia, Italy, Venice, Italy, Badolato, Italy, Soverato, Italy, Italian Haute Cuisine, World Class Culinary Competitions, Culinary World Cup, Pastry World Cup, Coupe du Monde, John Nocita, Gualtiero Marchesi, Iginio Massari, Pierre Herme


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